Payment Terms, Fees & Methods

Payment Terms & Fees:

Wholesale Product Pre-Order (Custom, Made To Order, Private Label & Master Sample) Services Fee

 Our daily fee is 100USD per full work day.  

We have a three day minimum down payment of 300$ with the remainder due at the end of each week from the start date of our engagement in the five services listed below.

1. Product Samples (placing sample order, master samples, QC on samples etc)

2. Made To Order Product Development (material components, specifications, sample production control records etc)

3. Custom Made Product Design (product designs, patterns, finishing, bill of material etc.)

4. Private Label Development (logo, hang tags, product packaging etc)

5. Pre-Order Administration (sample fee payments, collection of samples etc)

ABM Wholesale Indonesia will send a signed product pre-order services work billing sheet each week specifying the date, activity, and the amount of time spent carrying out product pre-order service work on your behalf


Wholesale Final Production Order Fees

Once a new product master sample is approved (or existing ready stock products are required) and a final production order is ready to be placed and final product manufacturing begins, ABM Wholesale Indonesia charges an agency commission fee of 20% of the final production order. 

50% of the this fee is due upon the date the downpayment is placed for the order.

 The fee covers the cost of production supervision, in-house QC and inspection, material & product workmanship standards and export, documentation, packaging and container stuffing services.  

Minimum Final Production Order
(USD$5000 per order)

Agency Commission Fee All Final Orders
(20% of order volume)

Orders Less Than Minimum Final Order
(ABM Wholesale Indonesia will work on final orders less than the minimum order amount, but charges a USD$750 fixed fee, regardless of the size of the final order.)