• An Artist Uncovered: Ceramic Artist, Amelia Johannsen

    My name is Amelia Johannsen. I’m originally from Portland, Oregon, USA and I have been living and working in Barcelona since 2005. I have been involved in a variety of startup projects and non-profit organizations over the years. I’ve met wonderful people and learned a great deal from those experiences, but was disappointed that I wasn’t using my creativity as often as I wanted to.

    In early 2017 I stopped taking new clients in order to dedicate more time to art, and especially to ceramics.

    These days I work in a small, shared workspace close to the beach called 137° Artistic Studio. I create both functional and decorative ceramics on the wheel as well as sculpture and mosaics. I sell my work online and I’m also developing new projects to support artists in Barcelona.

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  • Discover The Magic of Fabrics and Textiles: Introduction to Sarongs & Indonesian Batik

    Indonesian Batik sarongs are part of a textile art form as broad as it is beautiful.  Batiks’ influences hail from India, China, Middle East to Japan with ancient religious ties to Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam and even as far as the West.  In 2009, Batik was honored by UNESCO as a “Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” and to this day is one of Indonesia’s greatest cultural treasures.  Over the last two millennia Batik has been used to adorn kings, queens and sultans of old and rice farmers alike.  It is also stands as a unique national unifier as it can be found in every conceivable form: sarong, dress, shirt, scarf, table-cover, wall hangings and more.  Many ethnic groups from all classes wear batik as a symbol of pride in the centuries old craftsmanship. View Post