How To Buy: Our Complete Buying Process, Payment Terms & Minimum Order Options

1. Create an Account by pressing "Create an Account" on our home page or browse our products and press "See Price"  

(When entering your phone number, don't forget your county code-it's +1 for the United States, for example).

2. Press "Add To Wishlist" on the items you love and they will be saved to your personal Wishlist.  Access your personal Wishlist at anytime by pressing the heart symbol on the upper right hand corner of our website If you are on a laptop

If you are using a cell phone, access your personal Wishlist at anytime by pressing the shopping cart symbol on the top of our home page.

3. At the bottom of your personal Wishlist, press "Request Quote" and we will get back to you within 48 hours (rarely, but occasionally you will have to choose a replacement products if there are any issues with product availability  or unfavorable production times for your timeline. We want to make sure you receive exactly what you want, so this process may take a few email exchanges depending on the complexity of your order.).  

If you are already a registered customer, access your personal profile on a laptop/pc by pressing the person symbol on the upper right hand corner.  

On a cell phone access your personal profile by pressing the three vertical dashes at the top center of the webpage and press, "Log In".