Our Story

Ansuz Balder Magni (ABM) Wholesale Indonesia, was created to be a modern day silk road bringing the finest and most unique goods from the East to buyers in the  West.  Harnessing Indonesia's unbelievably rich history of culture, art and trade, we search out and create products that are difficult to find.  We aim to inspire creativity in our buyers and always offer you unique and high quality curated products.

Our founders began in 2005 as European home decor importers on the retail side.  They experienced firsthand the many stressful elements of international travel, accommodation, vendor sourcing, language and cultural barriers, production issues and the clearing & exporting goods internationally, all while dealing with the day to day operations of their business back in their country of residence.  Producing and sourcing internationally by yourself is expensive and there is a significant learning curve. 

Our mission is simple: to make your purchase as easy and stress free as possible.

We handle all the details to make sure that your shipment arrives to you safe and on time as well as ensure that all aspects of the import/export process are clear, simple and concise.  We are dedicated to providing the best hand crafted items from Indonesia, while contributing in an economically positive way to Indonesias' growth as a developing nation through supporting micro home industry that has been passed down through generations

With our company's commitment to aid in alleviating childrens' poverty, create a more sustainable world and reduce cruelty to animals, we donate 2.5% of our net profits every year to the three amazing organizations listed in full detail on our 'Social Causes' page.  

When you purchase from ABM Wholesale Indonesia, you are making the world a better place..


Our customers are Boutique shops, Online Stores, E-commerce Startups, Small Retailers, Interior Designers, Architects, Restaurants, Villas and Private Customers all over the world.