What is ABM Wholesale Indonesia?

ABM wholesale Indonesia is a Singapore registered company that sources from Bali and Java, offering home decor, dining & kitchenware, women accessories and fabrics. Our buyers include, e-retailers (small-medium size), Boutique shops, e-commerce startups, restaurants, villas,  interior designers, architects and private customers all over the world.

Where do most of your clients come from?

We have clients from all over the world but most of our clients are concentrated in the US, Western Europe and Australia.

Why are some of the products slightly different in size, colors and shape from the product description? 

Approximately 90% of our products are hand crafted by generational craftspeople, not factory made, so each product will be unique and there will be slight variations  in color, size and shape irregularity.  

Who do you work with?

We work with many different types of businesses but primarily with small-medium size traditional and e-retailers, boutique shops, e-commerce startups, restaurants, private villas and home owners.

What services do you offer?

ABM Wholesale Indonesia offers a Service Solution Suite, including:

  • Administrative handling
  • Quality Control
  • Production reporting
  • Packaging & shipping
  • Sample creation
  • Customized product creation
  • Packaging Sourcing
  • Label creation
  • Laser engraving


What is your minimum order quantity?

Option 1: Browse any of our products and purchase the minimum order quantity detailed on the description area of the product.  The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is the amount we can produce comfortably within one month of production time. Sometimes we can facilitate a larger monthly production rate depending on the specific vendor and their current production availability.  Some products will be subject to seasonal availability due to the rainy season within Indonesia.  We do our best to keep our collections updated monthly with current product availability, but there is a small possibility that some items you choose may not be in production anymore.  In this case, we will try our best to help you select a replacement product.    


Option 2: Purchase whatever products you would like at any quantity (under the MOQ in the description of each product ) totaling a 10,000$ purchase order.  If you would like to order a larger number than the MOQ listed, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

We strive to serve all our clients with extreme professionalism, no matter the size and always hope to cultivate longterm business partnerships.


How long is production time?

This depends on several factors including material accessibility, quantity and product complexity. Generally production will take 3-8 weeks. We have an average  monthly production rate on each product, which depending on the current availability of the vendor can sometimes be increased.

Where and who are your suppliers?

All of our suppliers have been in business in either Bali or Java for 10-25 years and have a vested interest in their reputation and are well versed in preparing products for international buyers. Our library of suppliers are handpicked based on quality, reliability, uniqueness and transparent business ethics.

Can you do customized products?

We can assist clients with customized product and sample development for a wide range of product types. We specialize in working with the suppliers to ensure that the product is manufactured to your specifications.  All of the products we sell are handmade and by nature are each slightly different.  We can also do packaging sourcing and laser engraving.   

What are your quality control measures?

Due to our close relationships with our suppliers, we ensure our team oversees and reports bi-monthly during the production process to ensure quality and consistency.  Our process includes three stages of quality control, our vendors first check all products before delivery, we then go through our quality control process and then our shipping company does a final quality control check.  

How long is delivery time?

This will depend on the final delivery port and the respective countries customs clearance procedures but typically, 4-6 weeks . You can visit our shipping page for more details

What are your payment terms?

We require a 50% deposit to start production and 50% balance upon release of the shipping documents prior to leaving port.

What guarantees do you offer in regards to that first down payment?

We are a registered Singaporean Company and all of our clients sign a contract providing legal recourse in instances of dispute for both parties thereby protecting you and your company. If you would like more assurances, we can offer customer referrals upon request.


In what currency do you invoice?

Invoicing is done in either Singaporean dollars or the customers native currency. 


What are my shipping options?

We typically work with ASM, Lima Jari and Bayus shipping. There are a wide range of shipping options in Indonesia.  Of course there is no obligation to use Lima Jari when working with us, but that is our regular shipping partner. Please visit our shipping section to find out more details here.

Is shipping included in my invoice?

Shipping costs will be included in your invoice. 


What about insurance related to my order?

A 3% insurance fee is standard for most reputable logistics company in order to insure an order. If you wish to purchase insurance related for your order, we highly recommend that you procure additional insurance in your home country to protect the goods once they arrive. Typically insurance related to sea transportation expires within days of arrival at the home country port.

Will I have to pay customs / import tax / VAT once my order arrives in my country?

Yes.  You are responsible for any customs fees, import taxes and VAT  at the destination country.  This depends depends on the country and the items included in your order. In the UK and Germany right now for example – VAT is 20% and 19% respectively but some items such as wooden products would vary. ABM Wholesale Indonesia will be happy to assist you in determining all import tax and/or VAT related costs associated with your order.

VAT is typically calculated by combining total order costs, plus insurance and shipping cost multiplied by the VAT rate.


Can I come to your office and meet with you to discuss my needs?

We encourage anyone who is in Singapore to come visit our office. We are happy to meet with you and discuss your needs.