The world is changing at lightning speed.  Retail is slowly dying and the new frontier is E-commerce and M-commerce.  These two arenas are now open to the whole world and can facilitate explosive growth for a new business.

ABM Wholesale Indonesia wants to provide you with the knowledge and quick access to content and expertise on all things E-commerce. This page is designed to be an ever expanding and growing resource as our team finds new and relevant links for our customers. 

Starting your own E-commerce business can be a scary thing. We compile links to comprehensive databases of information on the many different elements of building your own profitable E-commerce business. Below are some of the links.





* compiled by Robert Kilonzo

1. SEO Chat

On top of having a great social media presence, this is a great forum that will enable you to create a good foundation for your ecommerce concepts. You’ll get solid information on how to build exposure for your products on a social, local, and worldwide level. The chats are very interactive and stay updated to the latest topics. Also, you’ll find good people to give the right feedback on suggestions for your products or anything else you require.

2. The Digital Point

This is another great online forum for your ecommerce brand. Here you can freely promote yourself and find out what things work and what doesn’t. Go to some of the topics like “What is the best ecommerce site for online selling” or “Is it Worth Advertising on Bing Ads and Google Adwords?” Everyone on the page will give an honest opinion on how you should move a certain way to help create more sales.

3. Web Design Forums

Even though this is more focused on a design perspective, it’s still an important aspect to your brand. Why? You need a stellar design that will set yourself apart from the pack. They pay attention to detail regarding any coding issues or concerns you have that will make your site outstanding. If you have your own agency that does design work, they will give you the right tools to show to market this entity. Take a look at what’s offered on the forums.

4. Designers Talk

Overall, you want to take a look at the advice given from all perspective. From the design perspective of using certain applications to even the marketing and promoting, there’s a lot to gain on this forum. Some of the main topics they touch in the forum include: gaining more traffic, catering to your target audience, and even great email marketing solutions to help you build your store in a more inclusive realm.

5. Small Business Forum

A straightforward approach to marketing the right way for your small business. If you need to find solid ways to market your business, this is certainly the way to go. Learn what’s the best route to take such as Paypal vs Google Checkout, cross-marketing on Ebay and other sites, etc. There’s a lot of good people on there that can guide you in the right direction in order to create a better site. If you have a small business, take heed to the advice given here.

6. Envato Forum

If you are looking for tough love, this is the place. Any ecommerce/design project you have in mind, you’ll get critiqued here from some of the best. Sometimes this criticism can help you develop a much better product or service. This kind of rude awakening is for the better to help you take your brand to another level. Maybe there’s a way to view things a lot more efficiently than what you previously thought.

7. eCommerce Fuel

This forum is not for the faint of heart. You actually need to be pretty established before you even consider joining this forum. Why? The requirement is that you make at least $250,000 from your ecommerce sales. All of the people in the forum have tons of experience that you can use to help you take your business to the next stage. Also, you should regularly contribute to the conversation. It’s all about creating a great synergy between you and your peers. This a great community that only shares valuable information.

8. WordPress Forums

WordPress is a great platform for your ecommerce marketing because there are a ton of plugins available to enhance your experience from SEO, images, site navigation, and more. These forums will help you find the right kind of program to engage with your customers and create a better backend for more usability. Here you’ll get great details on how to create an eCommerce store via WordPress, using an eCommerce theme for your site, and much more.

9. Shopify Forums

This eCommerce university has everything you need to build a successful brand for years to come. Take a look at the different forums available like the “build a business discussion”, “ecommerce discussion”, and “feedback on my store.” These are valuable topics that will give you the constructive criticism needed to flourish online. Get good insight from experience marketers to take your business pass the stratosphere.

10. BigCommerce Forums

This is another incredible big forum that will have you meeting your eCommerce goals. BigCommerce has a very extensive forum profile that shows things on a more question and answer kind of basis. Be clear to follow their code of conduct and you’ll be racking up points that builds more authority in your favor. You can get answers to any ecommerce question or concern from coding issues, someone’s experience using Adwords with a certain store type, and take a look at articles that will address certain ordeals.

Forums and Communities for Social Media

11. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is more of a great social interaction in a community. There’s a lot of information dissect from social media events, new social happenings on the horizon, and how to market yourself on social sites. You’ll get information on the general social industry as well as events and conferences. Look at the daily updates ranging from new topics like “Facebook Articles”: How to Get Started” and evergreen topics such as: “5 Tools to Measure Social Media ROI.”

12. The SitePoint Forums

If you’re having a bit of trouble getting your feet wet on social media, take a good look at this page to give great detail on recent happenings and certain concerns. Get answers on how to start your social media marketing, what management tools to use, getting traffic on certain social networks, and more. You’ll get great insight in how to effectively pitch your niche using a particular social site and the way it’ll impact your brand from a marketing point of view.

13. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn already has a built in community vibration from how you connect with different people in your job sector and keep up with Joneses. However, the forums are great because they have open and closed discussions concerning different topics. Seeing as LinkedIn already has a purpose for connecting with careers, you already know what to get into as far as advice from different experts. Also, it’s a social media platform onto its own so different influencers can give better feedback as far as marketing on this kind of network.

14. Social Media for Warrior Forum

The Warrior Forum has built a reputation for being a premiere place to find all the ins and outs of marketing and pitching your products to some of the most hard to please people ever. Ever heard the saying “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere?” Well, if you can be successful here, you shouldn’t have trouble pitching anywhere else. The social media forum touches topics like “Instagram vs Facebook for Business Marketing”, “Increase my Social Media Engagement”, and “Best WordPress Social Media Plugins.”

15. Fresh Marketing Forums

From SEO, traffic, and social media, this is a great forum that takes a fresh approach to your marketing. You’ll get some of your questions answered like domains vs subdomains, social media engagement, and learning how to build more traffic on social media. Create your own success story by getting some good tips on how to pitch your social media presence into something much bigger.

16. Social Media Forum

This is a great community that shows you how to take your brand from social media to a complete digital overhaul as far as creating that much of a stronger presence for your online brand. Learn how to get more influencer engagement, use free content marketer tools, and think outside of the box in terms of marketing your business. You’ll get early details to different digital marketing conferences in the United States as well as Europe.

Forums and Communities for Online Marketing

17. Wicked Fire

Wicked Fire is a great and reputable forum that keeps active on a number of relevant topics. If you need a jumpstart to your online marketing, this is a great community to get a good step ahead of the rest. From product development, traffic and content, customer service, and affiliate marketing to other topics, you’ll get a great view of promoting yourself on a multitude of subjects. View an honest approach from different marketers on how to carry yourself through online marketing.

18. Rise Forums

You’ll get a keen perspective from someone who’s been in internet marketing since the early 2000s. This is a very engaging forum especially in online marketing. Get great answers and feedback from forum topics like blogging & content marketing, internet marketing, email marketing, etc. This is a fast growing site that started in 2013, and continues to flourish as an incredible source of information.

19. Self-Starters Weekly Tips

Need a guide to internet marketing in a great community? Self-Starters provides that opportunity to take your marketing on another planet. They provide free tips to help you develop an incredible online marketing campaign. From the guides, blogs, discussion forums, and live webinars, you’re in greate to expand your knowledge on all topics relating to internet marketing. Take a look for yourself at Self-Starters.

20. Problogger.net

This premiere blog site by Darren Rowse is incredible for increasing your internet marketing. If you have a blog site with some great ecommerce products, there are blogs that help specifically with drawing in more traffic to your brand. They tell you the right ways to make it easier to monetize your niche. From the blogs, podcasts, eBooks, and events, you’ll be immersed in a winning program to get your brand off the ground into a long-term business move.

21. MoneyMakerDiscussion

The title of the site truly says it all — “Money Maker.” Within this money maker, you’ll gain the key to help you in your marketing to continue to monetize your brand. They touch on topics such as: offline marketing, internet marketing (PPC, Media Buys), search engine marketing, and more. The wealth of knowledge and experience you’ll gain from the forum will put you step above your immediate competition.

22. V7N

V7N is a well put together forum that ensures that you get value out of the community. From more traditional methods like building organic SEO traffic, gaining backlinks, and Adwords, you’ll get a brush up on the basics. Also, there’s more focus on creating the right social ads to enhance your presence. It’s a very involved network that has some of the latest information regarding the changes in marketing from an online and offline perspective.

23. Webmaster Sun

Simply put…one of the best internet marketing forums, period. Point blank. As you arrive to the page, you’ll see above the fold that there are threads people continue to engage regularly. There’s a variety of forums and subforums in just the internet marketing realm alone. Whether you need advice on promoting your site via Vimeo or YouTube, optimizing your business’ website conversion rate, or monitoring your eBook traffic, this is a great source to use.

24. Small Business Brief

Just getting your feet wet in the industry and want to know how to expand on your small business? This forum gives you a warm welcome into taking your brand on another state. Introduce yourself to the community and you’ll see people are very receptive to helping you make your brand better. From your local internet marketing, blogging, and email marketing, you’ll open your eyes to bigger opportunities.